The leadership and co-nucleated in different unions
Dear colleagues:

It is not necessary at this stage, an assessment of the current economic situation
to realize that this government is leading us to a dead end where
ones who pay the piper for their blunders are workers, students,
patients, small traders, in short, the most vulnerable
society, while the wealthy, corrupt politicians and financial capital
International are the only beneficiaries of this plunder we do. Based on this
premise we consider it absolutely necessary to make a common front to end
these outrages.

We are a group of citizens united on the basis of our support for the initiative “takes
Congress “because, beyond ideology, it is necessary to recover the dignity
people and the rights lost in all these years of social dispossession under the guise of the crisis
also for decisive action towards a true democracy that engages
the people of the important decisions are now taken to his back. We believe
because this government is not legitimate as it has ripped even his own voters.
Therefore, as of September 25, is to surround the massive and peaceful
near the House of Representatives, until the government resigns.

We also support the proposed strike action by you, the trade unions,
that gather the vast majority of workers, as a first step in proving this
Government does not agree with their socio-economic policies.

We believe that this must be complemented with stronger and more forceful protests, such
as the one proposed as the basis for our platform. Unions could help
widely with those dates with a strike of 24 or 48 hours at least. Time
plays against us because the longer we delay the social response, more steps will
them in their neoliberal economic measures can cause us, if they are not
already doing, irreversible damage.

Our proposal is this: Congress and surround the camp in the vicinity
(Probably Paseo del Prado) until the resignation of the government and the call
early elections as soon as possible. The new provisional government resulting from
process should take over the country with the following conditions:

1. Open a constituent process calling all social sectors to the formation
an assembly for that purpose.

2. Meet the claims periodically probing civic citizenship
on the basic issues of government and on changes to the Constitution
that will be proposed in a participatory process that uses all means
technical reach.

3. To promote the trial of the real culprits of this crisis, banks have
defrauded citizens enriching and stimulating the housing bubble. That
becomes a moratorium on evictions until the adoption of a rescue plan
for families.


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Docente, interesado en temas sociales
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  1. Eva dijo:

    Buscando fotos de los madriles para un trabajo que me toca hacer en el instituto he encontrado esta página y me ha encantado. Felicidades. A los marcadores del navegador!.


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